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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How To. Korean Idol EYEBROWS!

Untidy and unshaped eyebrow hiding beneath your bang?
Tried and tried so hard to have eyebrows like SNSD's?
Here are the correct steps of having the eyebrow like hers.

This is the most loving eyebrows, like SNSD's.
They have this straight and thick eyebrows which it makes them young looking.
However the wrong drwaing will lead to thick weird brows.

 So it's important to make the eyebrows NEARLY STRAIGHT.
Straight lines at the bottom, and make an edge on the upper line a little bit.
Start and the end of the brows shouldn't be falling downwards.
It may makes you older looking when you have the brow ends are drew downwards.

If you have decided what shape you are going to have, use the brow shaver to shave the unneccesary hairs.
Also use the scissors the cut long brow hairs to trim.

Now let's start to draw the eyebrow.
There are Eyebrow powder, pencil, mascara.....
there are alot of types that some beginner wouldn't know what to choose.
I will let you know the 2 cases. 

Those who has thick eyebrows, just use the powdered type to fill in the gaps,
and use the mascara to lighten up your brow color.

If you have less eyebrow hairs, draw the shape of your brow with the pencil,
then fill the gaps with the powdered ones.
It will be like our natural eyebrows.

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